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Stockist Shoutout - Jarrolds

We are really pleased to see Black Allium among the local brands championed by Jarrolds. This iconic part of Norwich’s high street is packed full of local heritage.

A little blurb from their website- read more here

“Through the reigns of nine monarchs, massive changes in the world of retail and other businesses, and two World Wars, Jarrold has played a part in the lives of generations of Norfolk families. The roots of the Jarrold business were in shopkeeping, it then developed to become a leading printer and publisher during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Today the business is concentrated on retail activities in Norwich and its branches in Norfolk, and property development and business services in the city. The company archive is now held at the Norfolk Record Office and is contained in over 350 boxes. The collection has recently been comprehensively catalogued for the first time. This rich archive, a selection of which is featured here, provides a fascinating peek into the workings of one of Norfolk's longest established family businesses, whilst reflecting a wider historic picture.”