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Black Garlic Benefits

Black Garlic is increasingly appearing in delis, farmshops and supermarkets and is becoming a store cupboard essential that really packs a punch.

How is Black Garlic Made?

Firstly how it is made; During the precise ageing process which involves controlling temperature and humidity that lasts several months (actually around 90 days) the bulbs undergo the Maillard reaction as the heat creates changes in the amino acids and sugars in the garlic. This reaction is what gives black garlic its rich, tangy, balsamic, dried prune and a hint of licorice flavour and black colour. Because of this slow ageing it also gets rid of ‘Garlic Breath’ no longer will you need punches of parsley at the ready

Black Garlic Benefits

It's also healthy and boasts incredible benefits, it has double the amount of antioxidants as regular garlic, so keeps your immune system in check. Many people take a couple of cloves a day just for the health benefits alone

So nothing is added to the bulb and is easier to think of in terms of ageing like soy sauce or whisky it essentially is confiting the bulb.

Black Garlic Recipes

That's all lovely and great to know but how can you use it;

Black Garlic can be bought as a Bulb, peeled cloves, paste, mixed with Maldon salt and as as Black Garlic Mayonnaise.

The Mayonnaise is really versatile and I always suggest this product is a gateway into Black Garlic. Its uses are endless but I love it on my sandwiches. It really does give your buttie a boost, on a burger, and is amazing as a luxury potato salad.

Black Garlic Products

Black Garlic Bulb 

The bulb is the start of it all and has incredible shelf life, around 10-12 months, smashing it and add to your salad dressing, eat it on toast, spread it over your steak, think of it like a flavour enhancer that's doing your body a favour and your taste buds a treat. Buy Black Garlic Bulbs.

The peeled cloves are your ultimate convenience, we have done the hard work for you so you can pop these little black beauty gems straight in your mouth, or alternatively you can add to food!! Toss some into your pasta, they are pretty much best friends. Buy Peeled Black Garlic Cloves.

Black Garlic Paste

The paste is just a versatile store cupboard wonder that is already smashed up for you, the ultimate convenience. Buy Black Garlic Paste.

Smoked Black Garlic Salt 

The Salt, well we take Maldon Sea Salt and smoke it over oak and then add a generous amount of Black Garlic through it, we use it as a finishing salt at the end of the cooking process, this little jar is pretty spectacular and is amazing on raw tomatoes, fish, steak, we love mixing into our scrambled egg. Buy Black Garlic Smoked Salt.

Where to Buy Black Garlic Products

Black Allium is a family run business, we are passionate about quality. We want you to add some really interesting flavours into your food, and we think Black Garlic is the answer. Why not try our Black Garlic and let us know your favourite way to use it